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Jewish Heritage In The Land Of Israel

*Before the State of Israel was born, the term "Palestinians" was used by the Jews to refer to themselves and their organizations.

“The Palestine Post”, the Palestine Foundation Fund, Palestine Airways, and the Palestine Symphony Orchestra were all purely Jewish enterprises.

Jewish claims to their heritage in the land of Israel are supported by abundant archaeological artifacts and historical records.

The Palestinian Arab narrative is that as they are the ancient, indigenous people of the land and that they have been dispossessed by the Jews who have no right to the land.

There are no records to support the Palestinian narrative.

In history, art and literature there is no trace at all of any Muslim people referred to by anybody as “Palestinians.”

Records show that it was 19th and 20th century Jewish settlement and the resulting employment opportunities that drew successive waves of Arab immigrants to Palestine.

In The Peel Commission Report in 1937 we read.

“The Arab population shows a remarkable increase ….. partly due to the import of Jewish capital into Palestine and other factors associated with the growth of the [Jewish] National Home..”

In her book From Time Immemorial Joan Peters writes:

“ the Jewish settlement Rishon l’Tsion founded in 1882, by the year 1889, the forty Jewish families settled there, had attracted more than four hundred Arab families.... Many other Arab villages had sprouted in the same fashion.”

British PM Winston Churchill said in 1939: “.. far from being persecuted, the Arabs have crowded into the country [Palestine]..”

Before the Six Day War in 1967, when Jordan controlled the West Bank and Egypt ruled in Gaza, there was never any suggestion on the part of the local Arabs, many who had immigrated from the surrounding Arab nations, that they wanted independence what they now call their ancestral homeland.

The reason was that the "Palestinian" nation hadn't been invented yet.

We first hear of Arabs referred to as "Palestinians" when Egypt’s President Nasser, with help from the Russian KGB, established the "Palestine Liberation Organization" in 1964.

Excerpts from Debunking the claim that “Palestinians” are the indigenous people of Israel” by Daniel Grynglas

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