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If you support a ceasefire, you support Hamas

*I’m really sick and tired of hearing that we have to stop our operation to destroy Hamas and that we have to allow humanitarian aid.

Any form of a ceasefire will benefit Hamas.

If you support a ceasefire, you support Hamas.

No excuses. No ifs and no buts.

This is light against darkness.

Life against Death.

Truth against lies.

Don’t be fooled.

You are not innocent if you support Hamas out of ignorance.

Hamas so violently and barbarically declared war on us.

I want my government and my army to prosecute this war until the declared goal of eliminating Hamas is achieved.

We are being pressured to resupply Hamas and to give them a break.

I do not accept any reality where Hamas is being recharged and rearmed.

How dare the world ask such a thing from us.

We are traumatized here.

We are still burying our dead.

We are trying to recover from the shock.

Over 1400 were slaughtered on October 7th.

Over 5500 were injured.

Mutilated bodies haven’t yet been identified and 240 of our people are being held by Hamas.

There are 130 thousand people who have been evacuated from their homes.

We must finish the job so that we can emerge into a new reality in which armed terrorists do not exist on our borders- not in the south and not in the north.

Anything less than the total elimination of the threat of terrorism on our borders is an extremely dangerous compromise that will cost us in Israeli lives in the near future.

We cannot endanger and sacrifice Israeli lives to protect Palestinian lives that are used as human shields and are placed in the line of fire by Hamas.

Don’t ask us to do that.

Would you be merciful to your enemy if he had a knife to your throat?

Stop with the hypocrisy and with the Jew hatred and antisemitism.

We will not listen to you.

We cannot afford to put our lives in your hands.

We need to protect our people.

Let us do what we have to do.

Stop interfering.

You are putting our lives in danger.

Don’t ask for a ceasefire.

Don’t support Hamas.

Support those who love life.

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