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Israel Must Defend Itself Now

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Deuteronomy 20:1 (NASB 2020)

1 “When you go out to battle against your enemies and see horses, chariots, and people more numerous than you, do not be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, who brought you up from the land of Egypt, is with you.

God has made endless promises to the people of Israel. And the promises of God are irrevocable.

At the appointed time the Deliverer will come out of Zion and all of Israel will be saved.

This is an extremely difficult time. We are very sad. We are all in shock.

The atmosphere is very heavy.

This evening, Thursday, October 12 2023, an emergency unity government was sworn in under the leadership of Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The security cabinet is now planning the next steps.

We are gathering our strength and focusing on the task ahead.

People are in so much pain.

People are in shock.

People are burying their loved ones.

People are confused and broken.

People are preparing for a long and possible multi-front war.

There are over 1300 dead.

There are over 3000 injured.

There are more than one hundred hostages held by Hamas and their is no indication whether they are dead or alive.

The are reports of over 400 missing.

In all this pain, death and suffering, Hamas and the enemies of Israel are denying that violence was committed against Israeli citizens on October 7 2023.

Hamas has declared this day, Friday October 13 2023, an international Islamic day of rage and all calling on Muslims all over the world to join their violent struggle against Israel.

Do not believe the lies.

Hamas is releasing videos and lying to the world telling them that Israel is fabricating everything so that it will have an excuse to attack Gaza.

From the Jerusalem Post October 12 2023

Hamas attempts to deny murdering, abusing civilians

In the past two days, the Hamas terrorist movement has launched a campaign denying that it kidnapped, murdered, and abused civilians during its attack on southern Israel.

Let me tell you something dear family and friends.

Israel has no interest in going to war.

People have lives and goals and plans and travels and hope and love and creativity and productivity.

I could could on and on.

We are not interested in conflict and war that bring death and destruction and grief.

We do not want to send our children to war.

We have a culture of life.

We respect life.

We strive and aspire to live and to help others live.

We enjoy life and we build and grow and contribute to each other and to the world as a whole.

Israel has to take action to change the reality on the ground so that we emerge from this war into a reality that is safer than it was until October 7 2023.

Israel has to defend itself against those who seek to destroy her.

This is the only Jewish State.

Israel is a refuge for Jewish people worldwide who seek to escape persecution and anti Semitism out of Israel.

The right of return gives Jews the right to return to their ancient homeland.

Israel has the right and responsibility to defend itself.

Israel must exist and prosper for its own citizens, for Jews in the diaspora and for the world as a whole.

Now, we must protect ourselves and secure our existence here from those who harm us—from those who seek our total annihilation.

Please keep us in your thoughts and in your prayers.

Shabbat Shalom

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