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Israel does everything possible to prevent civilian casualties

*There are said to be over 40 thousand fake social media accounts-bots-which are run by Hamas and their supporters, whose task is to spread non stop false information, lies and incitement about Israel.

I’ve lived here for over twenty years.

I know what is true.

Israel does everything possible to prevent civilian casualties.

Every night the Israeli army spokesman urges the Palestinian civilians to move to the south of Gaza where there is food and water.

Millions of flyers have been distributed.

Thousands of phone calls have been made and thousands of messages sent.

Tanks of the Israeli army are escorting thousands of Palestinian civilians that are moving to southern Gaza and protecting them from Hamas.

Israel takes every precaution to protect Palestinian civilians and to avoid civilian casualties.

There is so much false information, anti Israel propaganda and antisemitism.

And then you have the actual hate crimes against Jews out of Israel.

A woman in her 30s was stabbed and injured in her home in France.

An elderly man was beaten to death for holding a flags of Israel in Los Angeles.

University clubs in the US that openly support Hamas.

We are still in shock.

We are still grieving.

Today I found out that a friend of mine, Eitan, a bass player I had worked with in the past, was killed in the battle for Kibbutz Beeri.

Eitan is the third person that I know that was slaughtered in the October 7 massacre.

This was an invasion like something out of the movie Braveheart.

People were attacked at close range with swords, knives, axes, hammers, garden equipment and guns.

I carry the few images of the massacre that I have been exposed to with me throughout the day and they haunt me at night when I sleep.

I think about the terror and the pain that these people-babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, men women and elderly citizens-went through until their soul left their body.

Israel has to make sure this will never happen again.

Know the facts.

Understand Israel.

Support those who love life.

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