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Israel Defending The Homeland

Shock, grief and anxiety are being channeled into a determination driven by a sense of national purpose rooted in almost 4000 years of common history and heritage.

In a huge demonstration of resolve and solidarity, Israelis are flying back from the four corners or the earth, putting their lives or their studies on hold, to contribute to the cause of defending the homeland.

Western Civilization is also a target.

US and European cities are also a target.

We in Israel are on the frontlines of this battle.

A senior Hamas official recently declared that Israel is only the first target and that the whole planet will be under Islamic control.

I quote:

“The entire 510 million square kilometers of Planet Earth will be under our law.

There will be no more Jews or Christian traitors."

Iran is the mind and money behind Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza and many more proxies worldwide.

The regime in Iran funds and promotes this ideology of hate, which brings death and destruction

not only to those who oppose it, but also those who do not submit to it.

I’m not saying this to scare you.

I’m saying it to prepare you, to help you understand and to garner your support.

Your understanding, prayers and support are very important to us.

Thank you and Shavua Tov. Good Week

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