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Media Bias Against Israel

Taking a look at the media out of Israel, you would think that Israel is simply attacking the Gaza strip for no apparent reason.

This is an obvious media bias against Israel. Nowhere to be found are the events that took place on Shabbat, October 7.

On October 7, on the HOLIDAY of SIMCHA Torah, on Saturday morning at 6:30 AM, heavily armed Hamas terrorists, accompanied by Palestinian civilians- around 3000 in number - broke into Israel, through the security fence and brutally murdered over 1400 Israeli civilians.

They injured over 3500 and took over 200 hostages.

I’m not even able to look at pictures of the massacre.

There are plenty online.

Here in Israel, we are grieving our dead and preparing for the next stage in this war.

We feel like it’s one long sad and tragic day that started on the morning of October 7 and it just goes on and on.

On the news we see families crying out in desperation, begging the Israeli government and the governments of the world to help bring back their loved ones from Hamas captivity in Gaza.

We hear of funeral after funeral and families remembering their dead.

In one community, 17 Funerals took place yesterday.

You would not understand all this from the media out of Israel.

What about our dead?

What about our injured?

What about our refugees?

What about our humanitarian crisis?

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