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Understand Israel. Support Those Who Love Life

Hamas has been carrying out terrorist attacks and launching rockets into Israel for over 20 years.

It’s time to put a stop to this.

Where are you from? The US? Canada? The UK? Germany? France? Belgium?

Would you accept your government’s tolerance of indiscriminate deadly rocket and terrorist attacks on innocent civilians?

How long would you put up with this?

I think one such attack would justify a declaration of war.

Hamas is still shelling the communities in the south around the Gaza strip and cities further north and in the center of the country.

Hezbollah is shelling the communities in the north of Israel and the tension is heating up on the northern border.

People have just left their homes.

Houses have been left empty and cities have been evacuated.

I can’t see how anything is going to get back to any kind of normal or how people can go back to their homes unless the terrorist threat is eliminated not only from Gaza but also from Southern Lebanon and from Judea and Samaria.

Don’t call for a cease-fire.

Don’t try to stop us

Don’t sympathize with Hamas.

I’m determined to support my country in anyway I can so that we can eliminate the threat of terrorism on our borders, rebuild our communities, recover from this tragedy and move on to a better future.

Understand Israel. Support those who love life.

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