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Israel Is On The Frontlines

Images of the October 7th Hamas terrorist massacre on innocent Israeli civilians are too gruesome to view.

Hamas is denying that they killed anyone and the United Nothing secretary general has practically blamed Israel for the Hamas massacre.

So much hatred and antisemitism, ignorance and lies flood the internet and social media.

I can’t reply to all the responses that I receive to my posts—so I don’t respond to any.

Instead, I try to address the main points.

I’m trying to reach those of you who are genuinely interested and I am asking you to share and to speak out.

Many out of Israel have no experience with terrorism and a limited understanding of what the intentions of radical Islam are.

A senior Hamas official recently declared that Israel is only the first target and that the whole planet will be under Islamic control.

“The entire 510 million square kilometres of Planet Earth will be under Islamic law. There will be no more Jews or Christian traitors."

I understand that these statements seem like empty words. It is unfortunate that they usually fall on deaf ears.

History has proved that leaders that make such threats take action to make good on their promises. With their poisonous ideology, these dictators deceive millions of their citizens and manipulate them to carry out their deadly, horrific agendas.

These are not empty words.

Israel is on the frontlines of all this.

Israel is fighting the war for the preservation of our modern way of life.

Speak out and support those who love life.

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