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Israel - The Only Home of The Jewish People

We are at the Dead Sea volunteering for 300 evacuees from one of the communities around the Gaza strip.

I moved to Israel in October 2002 in the middle of the 2nd Intifada - Violent Islamic uprising.

Arab Islamic terrorists were blowing themselves up on buses, in restaurants, pubs, clubs, cafeterias and other public places.

The objective: to kill as many Israeli civilians as possible.

This is the land of Israel and the only home to the Jewish people.

In the mid 1800s the people of Israel started arriving to the land of their forefathers from the four corners of the earth.

Islamic Arabic massacre of Jews started in the 1920s and hasn’t stopped since.

Wars by Islamic countries and organizations attempting to annihilate Israel started in 1948 after Israel declared statehood and have gone on nonstop until this very day.

If only Arab Islamic extremists recognized Israel’s right to exist.

The attack on October 7 2023 was the deadliest massacre in Israeli history with over 1400 dead, over 5500 injured and over 240 hostages.

I’m hesitant writing this because I have the terrible feeling in my stomach that many people are happy and even inspired to see the massacre of Jews.

Judging by the huge pro Hamas demonstrations in major cities around the world, it is horrifically obvious that many people want us dead.

In London it was reported that 250 thousand people participated in a pro Hamas rally.

Worldwide antisemitism is at an all time historic high.

Authorities in major cities worldwide are on the highest alert warning that there may be a Hamas inspired terror attack.

Jewish people are afraid to leave their homes.

Jewish people are afraid to go to the supermarket.

Jewish people are afraid to send their children to school.

Jewish business are closed.

Buildings where Jewish people and Jewish Israelis live are being marked with the Star of David.

Antisemitism hypnotizes the masses and drives them into a violent frenzy of hatred and hysteria?

What other incentive but Jew hatred has the power to mobilize millions on a global scale in a way that disrupts life and threatens security worldwide?

What happened on October 7th was a game changer for Israel as it should be for the whole civilized world.

I strongly believe that now is the time to do what ever it takes to finally eliminate the threat of terror on our borders.

Don’t ask for a cease-fire.

Don’t support Hamas.

Understand Israel.

Support those who love life.

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